• Made in Austria by PKS Bronze
  • Bronze and beech wood
  • 10.63" length, 3.35" width
  • 0.44 lb weight

Bronze garden hand fork made of mostly copper and wood. A small amount of tin is added to the copper to create bronze, a copper alloy that is a bit harder than pure copper, and will better hold up to the task of gardening. The beech wood handle is treated with linseed oil. Well-made and meant to last a long time.

Care and patina, same for all tools:
Light, maneuverable, durable and nearly maintenance-free, this tool will outperform and outlast any steel tool. Bronze will stay sharp with use and will not rust. Even so, the trowel should be kept out of the rain to prolong the life of the handle and avoid copper verdigris, the green or blue copper acetates that can form when exposed to acids (rain, certain foods, etc.). Verdigris is not to be confused with patina. The tool will take on a brownish look over time, but this is actually a protective layer and not a worry.

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Photo of hand fork